Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Stationary Box Set

I wanted to share with you all a fun project that I got from my good friend Julie, I gave this wonderful stationary box set to my Mom for her Birthday. Here is Julies blog addy, so you can get the instructions on how to make this and see the one she made as well :

I got the matt board from "Michael's" craft store, $18.00 for 32*40 sheet...if you are lucky and have a "Loomis and Toole" by you, I would suggest you go there because they are a bit cheaper in price. Lol, I am sad to say that I can't remember what stamp set I used...borrowed them from Julie though. I used navy blue ribbon that is see through to tie this box together, but would recommend that you use non see through ribbon because this ribbon liked to fray a bit.
Here are the pictures of the nine cards that I made to go with this box, I also made stationary with the same stamped image as on the box :)! Oh yeah, I almost forgot...Julie also had a way on her blog to make nine cards really quickly, you take one piece of paper and cut out the shapes. Then you glue them onto the corresponding card...anyways, you will have to check it out :)!

~This is a "Thinking of You" card, and it is blank inside. I stamped the flower onto a piece of strong white cardstock, then O cut out the image and attached it with a gold brad.

~ This card is also blank inside, and all the stamps I used are SU stamps :)! I also used vellum for the tag, one round gold brad and 3 gold heart brads as well.

~ This card is a "Get Well Soon" card, also blank on the inside. I think I am better at making the cards than coming up with the greetings/sayings for the inside of the cards. Going to have to work on that I guess...

~ This card is a good card to send to someone whom you feel could use some cheering up :)! It has the word "cherish" stamped on it...

~ I really enjoyed making this card, it was something different and I liked using the cut out flower idea on several of the cards.

~ Lol, I am not one for using ribbon in my card creations...but am getting into using is one of my 3rd creations using ribbon :).

Okay, that's it for, that took awhile to get done :p! Have a great day :)!


Julie Mutch said...

Hi Catherine,

The set set that you borrowed was from SU Watercolour Garden, Some of the flowers that you cut out were from the SU Burst Into Bloom set.

I still have to get the girls together to do one of these stationary box sets. They're a lot of fun to do, eh? You did a great job with your's! I'm sure you Mum must have loved it! :)

Anonymous said...

I have seen the directions Julie has given for making these but have yet to try one. Good job on yours and thank you for sharing it!