Monday, March 5, 2012

Request for some of my pictures

 So there has been a request for some of the photography that I have been doing, and I thought that was a great idea :)! Here are some pictures for you :)!

 Here is my youngest child and she is now 5 (going to school in the fall), she decided that she wanted me to take some pictures of her which is rare but when she does she is amazing :)!

 My little Princess :)!
 This is actually how the sunset looked, kinda neat with this HUGE ray of light coming off the sun and shooting up into the sky.

What an amazing sunset this was, I went up the road from me to take this picture am glad I did go check it out :).

Will post some more things later, and I am trying to get back into card making :)! I will be back with more pictures too...