Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Beautiful Day +28 here

Wow, what a beautiful day :)! Too nice to be inside that is for sure, we didn't get home until about 4:30 p.m. because we were out enjoying the day...that and running errands. This morning was pre-school for my oldest, he had a fun time because it has been awhile since he has seen his "girlfriend". Once I dropped him off there, my other two children and I went for a walk in the local park called "Shubie Park" where we got to see ducks, dogs, little birds, squirrels scurrying about. Where'd the time go...it just flew by, back we went to pick up my son at Pre-school!! We went to Grandma's house for lunch, then she watched my middle child, while the other two came with me to get their needles updated. Oh what fun that was!!!! My oldest screamed like he was about to be murdered, and cried for a few minutes afterwards..poor guy, had to get a needle in both arms. The needles have put him to bed for the night, as soon as we got home he has been asleep in his bed...which is good because I can't carry him anymore! My dd had her needles and is going strong here next to me...oh wait a second, she is slowly getting sleepy...eyes are closing :D! Out, that's 2 down and one to go :P!! I also had my dd, in to see the dr. because of a rash on her chin/cheeks :(! It looks like she has ecema (how ever you spell that), it looks really bad this afternoon. My dr. just did a quick passing glance, not a good inspection of it...and just told me to keep it moisturized...this frustrated me...so I am now in search of a new family dr. Ugh! I think he was having an off kinda day! After the dr. appointment, I drove and got my other son at my mom's place...then we drove home to have supper which I really didn't want to make. I also didn't want to have left overs that needed to be eaten, but that's what I did...I heated them up for me...and made a grilled cheese sandwhich for Ethan.

Anyways, once I get the #3 off to sleep I am going to play around a bit with some stamps or I hope to :)!